Leverage Plug-and-Play Components For Your Member Engagement Program

Fill any existing gaps within your member engagement program by leveraging add-on components that can be seamlessly plugged into your existing member engagement infrastructure.

A diabetes glucose monitoring solution uses HealthFeed’s add-ons to extend their member engagement capabilities by implementing an “Inbox” feature that delivers member specific nudges, reminders, messages etc. within its mobile apps and portals.

Messages can be pushed to a given member’s inbox manually by health coaches, automatically by triggered events and periodically on a scheduled date/time. Members bank on this area within the app/portal as the go-to-place to get the latest notifications relating to their health.

community (1)

No optins required. Available to all app/portal members


Open rates higher than push

hourglass (1)

Automatically zap messages that are not relevant anymore

Message Center

Complement your overall member engagement strategy by building a persistent list of member specific to-do items, reminders and interventions within your mobile apps and web portals through a simple plug-in. 

Since it’s plugged inside your apps and portals, you can reach your entire member population, whether they have opted in or not. The messages pushed to each member can be automated to be pushed out for selected events and triggers.

Content Widgets

Pluggable content widgets for any purpose, scenario and requirements!

Native Content Widgets

Pluggable native iOS & Android content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing app

Web Content Widgets

JavaScript content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing portal

Library Page Plug-ins

Traditional content library page plug-ins that enable members to search and consume content

Flipboard Style Layouts

Content laid out in a series of Flipboard style tiles that members find hand-crafted and beautiful

Content API

A REST-style API interface to fetch content for a given medical condition or health topic

Coach Portal Plug-ins

Pluggable content interface that helps health coaches select pieces of content and send to members

Content Cards

A UI item with a piece of content that can be plugged into the customer's newsfeed within their app

WP Content Widget

JavaScript content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into a WordPress site


Drive member engagement, more interactions and meaningful conversations with the most feature rich and flexible chat platform.

An easy-to-use Chat API, native Chat SDKs, and a fully-managed chat platform that can neatly plug into your existing member engagement infrastructure.