Tap into unparalleled analytics and insights to population and health management using meaningful data collected for each member’s interactions, campaigns and responses. 


Track member data across devices, touch points and channels to get a holistic view of a given member’s journeys. Leverage rich analytics to reach new levels of personalization for each member of your population to support their unique health goals.


The HealthFeed platform provides detailed reports, charts and statistics on campaign executions across various channels. This includes support for various types of click analytics reports based on campaign type, reports that include both aggregate as well as time series click data, downloadable analytics reports for various campaign types, member click analytics for various types of campaigns etc.


The Webhooks infrastructure provides a REST callback infrastructure for customers to register with the HealthFeed platform to be notified of any analytics collected for a given member. This can potentially include message delivery events, responses collected from members to various polls, click analytics events etc.