Deliver Personalized Guidance For Each Member Of Your Population, At Scale

An automated virtual health coaching system leverages event-based triggers, member health data and recent member interactions to fire automated delivery of health education content, member-specific to-do items and health behavior interventions that mimic a care management decision tree.


Automate Routine Tasks

Leverage various tools, features and capabilities to implement within your health coaching programs to help increase your work capacity, become more organized, and efficient.

Streamline and automate specific sections of your health coaching programs to create efficient workflow processes to handle a larger workload!

Routine Tasks That Our Customers Have Automated Using HealthFeed

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Reminders & Confirmations

Send reminders with appointment details and solicit confirmation

Satisfaction Surveys

Gather crucial data for your coaching operations

Announcements & Newsletters

Keep patients informed about upcoming events, updates and other items

Post Appointment Content Delivery

Deliver content relevant to the most recent appointment

Care Management Workflows

Provide proactive care management by orchestrating delivery of messages, reminders and notifications across various channels based on incoming triggers, member response and events occurring in the member’s health care journey. 


Care Management Workflows That Have Been Delivered Using HealthFeed


Medication Adherence

Drive increased medication adherence through automated workflows


Target Range Goals

Enable members to achieve
their prescribed targeted
range goals


Hypoglycemia Avoidance

Preempt hypoglycemia
episodes through
preventive interventions

Usage Regimens

Enable members to adhere to your solution’s prescribed usage regimens

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Testing Adherence

Improve compliance to
testing schedules and


Post-operative Follow-up

Ensure members adhere to post-operative care guidelines and protocols

Input Collection

Create automated digital check-ins that collect input from patients on a periodic basis. Manual Coaches can use the collected data as the basis of discussion for their next coaching session. It also helps with correlation of abnormal spikes of health data with the member’s diet, exercise and lifestyle patterns and identify specific areas that the member needs help with during subsequent coaching sessions