A platform that unifies, integrates and optimizes multimodal communications to deliver personalized member engagement.



Rules-based targeting platform​

Slice/dice your member population, create custom targeting rules that fit your needs, & target messaging to a group of members that meet certain criteria.

Events based trigger mechanism​

Leverage appropriate events, triggers and moments in your member’s health care journey to intervene with meaningful communications.

Schedule communications​

Schedule communications that are delivered once, in a periodic manner or in response to member events, actions or non-response.


Interactive texts

Collect member responses by presenting questions via text and use the collected responses to follow up with automated messages.

Mobile feeds via text

A text message contains a brief message with a short URL. Clicking on the short URL launches a customer branded HTML5 message feed view within a standard container feed like UI construct.

Push notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device and members don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.


Leverage email templates provided out-of-the-box to manage your email communications.

Web notifications

Web notifications enable alerting the user outside the confines of a web portal thereby enabling use cases such as pulling members back into a portal that have not logged in for extended periods of time.

In-app messages

These are messages delivered to your members while they are directly active inside your mobile app.

Banner campaigns

Use simple text & graphical editing tools offered on the platform to create banners that drive awareness around a specific topic, learn more about member’s health & wellness behavior etc.

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