Deliver Personalized Coaching Experiences At Scale

Streamline the administration of your health coaching programs, standardize care delivery, and optimize the productivity of health coaches using a sophisticated engagement platform. 

1:1 Messages

Leverage the simplicity of being able to send a 1:1 message across text, email, push, message center etc. to a given member of your population with just a few keystrokes. Use these messages to communicate with your members as a follow-up to a telephonic call to share additional information, send a specific goal to a given member or check in with the member in between coaching sessions.

Drop any one a variety of pieces of content such as a poll, survey, landing page, health education content etc. into these outgoing messages.

Coordinate Care

Organize patient care activities on a timeline view and share information among all of the participants concerned with a patient’s care to achieve safer, thorough and more effective care.

Member Management

Organize members using member attributes, filter members that meet certain criteria, group members into logical segments, leverage tags to track members’ completion of milestones etc.