Deliver Seamless Member Experiences to Enhance Engagement and Improve Outcomes

Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all and every member of your population is unique. You want to be able to deliver personalized member experiences for each member of your population, at scale.

Engage your members throughout their healthcare journeys using a sophisticated platform that enables you to create, optimize and deliver automated engagement workflows, drive member action, collect health status from members on a periodic basis, deliver one-to-one emails for transactional items and much more!

“The app/portal framework is fantastic when patients are coming into those touchpoints. But as you know, not always do we end up going to the app. Sometimes we get that nudge on our phone that brings us into the app or tells us some critical piece of information.”


You know what actions your members must take to stay
healthy! Now, guide them through the series of progressively higher milestones that you want your members to accomplish. View member progression through milestones at both a population as well as a member level! 

Remind, nudge and prompt members to complete various tasks, activities and goals along the way. These nudges help create momentum that drives member action to achieve key milestones.

Take a look at milestone journeys that HealthFeed has delivered for various healthcare verticals

Corporate Wellness

Diabetes Management


Digital Checkins

Get an insight into your members’ health in between episodes of care, coaching sessions etc. through digital check-ins that enable you to collect health data such as vital readings, health status and other health data. Such digital check-ins increase patient accountability, responsibility and thereby their overall engagement with their health! 

Replace manual phone calls that involve coaches collecting health data from members with automated digital check ins that collect, collate and visualize important health data of your members.


Envision the framework of your members’ engagement journey, their touchpoints and where the automated interactions should come in from, all in the form of a step-by-step workflow. These scalable workflows automatically triggers for members who meet the set trigger criteria and executes for that specific member. 

Offload disease management protocols, care intervention scenarios, repetitive manual tasks within your care protocols over to a sophisticated workflow management tool to improve outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and harness operational efficiencies.


Transactional Messages

Communicate with your members to acknowledge, inform and notify when they complete a transaction or a process that the member has started with you. 

Rest assured that all one-to-one transactional emails and texts with your members are coming out a HIPAA compliant platform so that you stay fully compliant with your customers’ BAA’s, at all times!