What We Do

We bring content, multi-channel delivery capabilities and a feedback loop packaged in the form of software add-ons that helps healthcare entities increase the overall efficacy of their existing patient/member engagement investments & build out.

We can help build your member engagement footprint from scratch as well!


Serve member specific, medically validated & daily engagement reading content in an automated manner across various channels.

Multi-channel delivery

A unified platform to sequence, cascade & stagger multichannel communications across text, email, inside your portals & mobile apps.

Feedback Loop

Serve member specific alerts, content etc., track member clicks and automate follow-up for member clicks & member non-response.

HealthFeed is trusted by Leaders


Our solutions enable healthcare entities to convey member specific information, stimulate interest & drive action.

Automated digital interventions

A cellular enabled diabetes glucose meter company leverages real-time readings from members to provide automated digital interventions to avoid severe hypoglycemic complications & ER situations

Automating manual follow-up & coaching tasks

A Telemedicine company uses the HealthFeed technology to automate follow-up on lab results and reduce their doctor's follow-up tasks with patients

Member specific health education content feeds

A popular diabetes management app saw a three fold increase in their member visits by launching member specific content feeds within their app