Healthcare Journeys Are Complex

The first all-in-one HIPAA compliant platform to manage the complete member lifecycle journey for Healthcare Applications

Create, Deliver and Optimize Member Journeys to
Improve Overall Member Health Outcomes

HealthFeed is a multichannel member engagement platform that enables healthcare entities to deliver personalized member experiences at scale, enhance the overall member experience of their solutions, and drive increased participation at every step of the member lifecycle journey.


member engagement journeys created


member engagement sessions delivered

up to 82%

increase in levels of member engagement

Incubated, architected and designed specifically for Healthcare

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole!

A traditional marketing automation platform cannot deliver on use cases, requirements and scenarios that are very unique to Healthcare. You need a platform that is specifically designed for the unique intricacies of Healthcare!

A unified platform for all aspects of the member lifecycle journey

Patching together a set of point solutions for each aspect of the member’s lifecycle journey introduces data silos, integration hassles and increases your total cost of ownership. You end up with a confusing tangle of red tape that would make the federal government jealous!

A unified platform for all aspects of the member’s lifecycle journey across all communication channels increases efficiencies, reduces overall costs and cuts significant administration overhead.


One platform designed to address various healthcare scenarios

Patient. Member. User.

Clinical. Marketing. Product.

Corporate Wellness. Telemedicine. Chronic Disease Management.

No matter who your target audience is, what your category of use case is, what your healthcare vertical is, HealthFeed has you covered for all your member engagement use cases!