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Educate Members to Improve Compliance and Outcomes

Provide members with the skills and knowledge to accomplish health goals, implement concrete calls to action, and understand the core reasons on why certain lifestyle changes are good for them in the first place!

Share digestible, instructive content designed to engage and empower patients to become active participants in their care


pieces of medically validated content


videos on various medical conditions & topics


medical conditions & health topics covered

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Providing the most comprehensive collection of health education content libraries from various sources, all in one place! Pick any one or a combination of these sources for your deployment



Krames Staywell

Curated Internet Content Feeds

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MedlinePlus is an online health information resource, a service of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) which is the world's largest medical library.

The content library has coverage on symptoms , causes, treatment and prevention for over 1000 diseases, illnesses and health conditions. It includes over 1000 health topic pages in English and Spanish. In total, it contains over 35,000 links to authoritative health information.

ConnectWell is a leading-edge provider of digital health and wellness content that is academically sourced and designed for a consumer audience to engage people in their total health and well-being. Our public-private partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health guarantees access to a vast library of health and wellness content that is continually reviewed by medical specialists and updated annually to include the latest standard of care guidelines and scientific findings on health, wellness, and disease management.

The content suite provides comprehensive coverage of disease states, health conditions, and lifestyle medicine. Engaging articles, tools, and recipes with rich graphic content are designed for a digital consumer health experience. UCTV video presentations from University of California experts enhance the user experience. Multilingual capability is deployed throughout the articles and videos to reach a wide audience, scale health literacy, and reach the threshold languages for Medicare and Medicaid.

Krames Staywell
Krames Staywell is one of the most popular, respected and esteemed brands in Patient Education for well over 40 years. The content library spans more than 4,000 diseases and conditions, over 750 specific procedures and lab tests, more than 2,800 lifestyle and wellness topics, over 1,100 unique drugs (more than 3,750 brand and generic names) and discharge instructions on more than 1,500 topics.

The content library is developed with strict adherence to evidence-based medicine, nationally accepted guidelines and standards of practice. All pieces of content within the library are subjected to a periodic review process, once every 24 months. The content library has received continuous URAC accreditation as a Health Content Provider since 2009.

Curated Internet Content Feeds
Beyond doubt, the Internet is the largest source of health education content. HealthFeed's content engine uses Machine Learning algorithms to aggregate top ranked content for various medical conditions and health topics.

While the medically validated content libraries are extremely effective in introducing the member to high-level information about a specific medical condition/health topic, the curated Internet content provides a continuous stream of fresh, new and changing content for a specific medical condition/health topic.

Your Content
You may have self authored a few pieces of content, you may have licensed some content from a content provider or your staff may have authored a few pieces of content. Upload all these pieces of content into our platform and leverage powerful content management system features such as intuitive indexing, easy access, search and retrieval, filter by keywords etc.

All pieces of content that are uploaded can now ride on the rails of the HealthFeed feature set. Your content library is treated like just another content library within the platform.

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A leading all-in-one corporate wellness platform trusted by wellness providers for over 2M employees worldwide uses HealthFeed to educate members to adopt new, healthier habits that protects them from developing chronic conditions and self-manage any chronic conditions that they may already have.

The solution is a powerful combination of content, technology and user interfaces, delivered to members from within the wellness portal and mobile apps. The solution learns the specific member’s health condition through completed health risk assessments, biometrics, demographics data etc. and automatically finds and delivers the most relevant pieces of content for a specific member from the set of content sources chosen for the deployment.


Variety of content sources


Algorithms to find the right content for a given member


User Interface plug-ins for both portals & apps

Content Widgets

Pluggable content widgets for any purpose, scenario and requirements!

Native Content Widgets

Pluggable native iOS & Android content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing app

Web Content Widgets

JavaScript content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into an existing portal

Library Page Plug-ins

Traditional content library page plug-ins that enable members to search and consume content

Flipboard Style Layouts

Content laid out in a series of Flipboard style tiles that members find hand-crafted and beautiful

Content API

A REST-style API interface to fetch content for a given medical condition or health topic

Coach Portal Plug-ins

Pluggable content interface that helps health coaches select pieces of content and send to members

Content Cards

A UI item with a piece of content that can be plugged into the customer's newsfeed within their app

WP Content Widget

JavaScript content widget plug-ins that can be seamlessly integrated into a WordPress site

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